About the Designer

Michael Hunter aka Scoonie Gee is an Artist that creates things. He got his artistic start at an early age by helping his Mom make costumes and stage outfits for local performers in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mom Hunter also made outfits for young Michael for his many stage performances he participated in as a Tap Dancer, and Musician. She taught him how to sew at the age of 6.

After briefly attending the University of Cincinnati as a Business Major, Michael felt unfulfilled because of the lack of music and arts in his studies so he moved to California to pursue his artistic passion for music. Shortly after his arrival he landed a job as a Retail Sales Clerk at the world renowned Fred Segal on trendy Melrose Avenue. It was there that his prior sewing training from Mom came in handy, as he became the “go to” guy for customers that bought items at the store but wanted their items customized to fit their liking. Soon he found himself customizing clothes more hours than actually working at the store so he left retail to start sewing and making his own designs full time.
He launched his first clothing line called Kim Retnuh (Mike Hunter spelled backwards). The name was created as a tongue in cheek homage to his way of starting backwards with a clothing line and having no prior formal training in fashion design.

Very quickly his designs were a hit. His very first collection was picked up and repped in LA by veteran clothing Rep Ai-Lin Huang at her hip LA New Mart showroom. At that same time Kim Retnuh designs were picked up and repped by the prestigious Kashiyama showroom in New York, that also repped Jean Paul Gautier. Orders started coming in immediately and his designs could be found on racks in Bloomingdales, Barneys and over 20 specialty stores around the country. Michael also opened up his 1st very own retail location in Santa Monica, California at the beach community known as Santa Monica Canyon.

During this time his designs were seen and worn worldwide and were featured in various MTV music videos by artist like Van Halen and Paula Abdul. Actresses Kelly Preston, Neth Hunter, Jennifer Beals, Leonette Scott and Rana Kennedy were just a few of his celebrity clientele that purchased designs directly from his retail store. A special cut out design dress that paid homage to his fellow showroom Designer Jean Paul Gautier was featured on a segment of Good Morning America and orders skyrocketed afterwards. Things moved so rapidly in a short amount of time that Michael became overwhelmed with the demands and just wanted to get back to his original artistic love…music! He had never actually set out to become a full time clothing Designer and missed the fun he had doing music and just making stage clothes for himself and members of his band. So he closed the label and started performing live again with a new band…something that he hadn’t done in years due to the hectic demands of running a design studio.
That band, “Now Hear This”, spent a year recording songs at A&M Records while playing shows on the West Coast. Later,
Snoop Dogg dubbed Michael “Scoonie Gee” at a recording session at a Hollywood studio. Snoop took a liking to his unique acoustic rock music style and gave Michael his nickname Scoonie because Snoop said his music reminded him of a scratchier “Hootie” of Hootie and the Blowfish. Scoonie also played session guitar for platinum Producers like Herbie “Luv Bug” Azur, Al Machera, Ian Boxill and Dave Aron, just to name a few. He dedicated himself to making music full time and has never looked back…until recently.
Fast-forward to today…

Scoonie Gee is a MC/Host at his monthly residency at the world famous Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip, where he also performs as a Singer, Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboardist and Drummer. The event has been a popular mainstay since 2015. Scoonie Gee and Friends Rock For Charity for Kids Rock Studio has also branched out to other venues and most recently was invited to preform at the “Rockin The Canyon Music Festival at the scenic OC Tanner Amphitheater, Utah’s premier music venue. Kids Rock Studio was founded in 2015 by Scoonie Gee to mentor young artist looking to get in the music arts. Kids in his program perform at most all events Scoonie performs at and that puts the kids in front of a live, captive audience, many for their 1st time. Kids also are mentored behind the scenes at the headquarters of Kids Rock Studio and are able to learn about Pro-Tools production, recording and engineering. Scoonie, along with a couple of his prodigy students, got a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform a few songs onstage with the legendary Slash of Guns N Roses at a special tribute show for the late artist Willie Basse, a friend of both Scoonie and Slash.

Scoonie &

Scoonie never stopped designing clothes for himself, special friends and band mates. He just realized that he loved music more but he also still loved to sew and design clothes, just only part time.
So this vest line was created to satisfy his craving for still designing clothes. Each design is hand crafted using the finest materials. Each Vest is one of a kind and designed to fit the personality of the person wearing it. The style is Rock and Roll with a Punk edge.

Scoonie says: “The FUN is back in making clothes and prefers to do one of kind custom designs for friends like you! Wear your custom designed Vest to his next performance and be a part of the Scoonie Gee and Friends Family!”